About Us

Much More Than Technically


We are a company which has aimed and achieved delivering problem-free services in all aspects within the sector for 35 years. We not only provide top quality sound, light, video and stage systems but also offer powerful technical production services.

As Staras, we have achieved a great number of domestic and foreign projects in this journey that we set out. We positioned ourselves as a solution partner in every organisation and became more and more professional and grew bigger both with our technical and expert terms within the years by paying attention to the satisfaction of our partners.

We have closely followed up the innovation and technology in the world, identified the needs before the customers and incorporated the necessary equipment into our system.


We work together, becoming your fellow traveller and solution partner.

First, we listen to you, then we end up creating ideas with you or adding new concepts on them in an effort to develop new ideas. We handle all this process as a design for you. And we accompany you in every happy moment you will smile.

We follow technology closely, breaking grounds all the time.

We have the skills to carry out multiple works perfectly at the same time, thanks to the new products introduced by technology every year and our highly experienced technical staff. We enjoy it with you, too.

We are a company experienced in international projects and partnerships

We become a partner to large projects with our foreign partners whenever our company with many years of experience is required. Carrying out a number of openings and shows especially in Turkic Republics, Staras successfully delivers all technical production services overseas, as well.

An expert team who is dedicated, loves to listen to you and create solutions.

Our solid technical background in audio video and lighting systems, our ideas and needs based new technology R&D approach, but most importantly, our expert team who is dedicated, loves to listen to you and create solutions.